Introduction of diving points

We introduce some popular diving points around Ishigaki such as the internationally famous Manta points, big game, small marine life, geographic features and corals. Click the names of points for  further information. Kabira Ishizaki Manta scramble Osaki Purple queen reef Taketomi Submarine spring Kuroshima V-shaped drop-off Hamashima-east coral garden Yonehara Pukapi (out-reef) south Beauty under the tree Rock-lake Arakawa Bluelined snapper colony Long finned batfish paradise Kuroshima Therapy Taketomi-south Submarine Taketomi-south Tokakin (Dogtooth tuna) colony Sakieda Big arch Taketomi-south Middle book Panari the colony of Ryugu (the Sea God's Palace) Oganzaki Turtle garden Yonehara Pukapi (outer-reef) east Yonehara campsite front Osaki the mansion of Long finned batfish

Kabira Ishizaki Manta scramble

This is a point of the world's best encounter rate with Mantas! You can watch Mantas hovering well because this point is their cleaning station. The encounter rate is roughly 100% in the best season for Manta, and four to five, or at the maximum, 10 Mantas can appear at the same time.
マンタの動画を見る 1マンタの動画を見る 2

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