A charm of the Okinawan Seas

Okinawa Islands, which are located in the southwest end of Japan, are worldwide famous beach resorts with beautiful coral reef seas in a temperate climate all year round. Okinawan  seas, the Mecca for the world’s divers, boast world-class beauty for their different kinds of coral and tropical fish inhabitants.

The seas with outstanding transparencyOkinawan seas boast a world-class transparency, and it would be over 30m deep under ideal conditions. Colorful tropical fishes and corals are waiting for you in the clear seas. The seas abundant in coral reefsHalf of about 800 types in the world, about 400 types of coral inhabit in Okinawan seas. In the tranquil Okinawan seas with outspread coral reefs, beginners can also see corals and play with tropical fishes easily. A great variety of marine lifeDepending on seasons or points, you can see a variety of marine life such as the Ocellaris clownfish which was featured in the movie "Finding Nemo", the oriental Butterflysfish which has beautiful tints like a butterfly and the colorful Nudibranch. Above all, Ishigaki island is internationally famous as a point where you can see the world's largest ray "manta".

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