Ishigaki - one of the best diving areas in the world

Ishigaki with coral reefs, one of the most popular diving areas in Okinawa, is located in the southwest about 400km away from  Okinawa Island and it takes about one hour by airplane from there. The largest lagoon in Japan called“Sekisei Lagoon” extends wide and many diving spots spread around this island. And “Manta scramble” is also an  internationally famous point where  you can see the world's largest ray

Let's go to see gigantic Mantas !

Kabira Ishizaki Manta scramble is the world's leading point where you can see Mantas with high probability through the year. Especially, from September through November, the encounter rate become over 90%, and also about 10 Mantas can appear at the same time.

A wide variety of diving points

Over 50 diving spots are around Ishigaki, beginners can also enjoy the diving safely in the tranquil coral reef seas. There are a wide variety of diving points: some points where you can see colorful corals and tropical fishes, dynamic geographic features and big game such as sea turtles or tunas.


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