Cautions for enjoying the sea

Health Condition and Physical Care

Cold, lack of sleep, a hangover are archenemies that prevent one from enjoying diving.
In some cases, you should cancel a dive. Pay attention to your health.
Also, you could have an unfit condition for dive. Please consult in advance, if you feel uneasy about your conditions.
Infection: respiratory system's trouble, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, heart trouble, otitis media
Have a slight cold at present/ had an peration recently or any serious illness/ lack of exercise at 60 year of age or over/ pregnant

Airplane boarding procedure

Diving is a fun activity with breathing the air under deep water.
A change in pressure could affect the condition of your body. Going aboard a plane is forbidden to you right after diving. After diving, you should take a rest for more than 18 hours, and then you can board a plane.
On the other hand, there is no problem to dive right after disembarking a plane.
Please take care of your physical condition, as it may not be possible to dive comfortably due to lack of sleep and tiredness.

Cautions on shipboard

・After checking your baggage to a staff, please watch your step and go aboard slowly.
・It is easy to lose your balance by a sudden shake while the ship is traveling, please stay in a predetermined safe area under the staff's support. Please use the hand railings when you need to move.
・A person who easily gets seasick should take anti-sickness medicine. -Please consult us, if you have a drug allergy or cannot take medicines.- You should take one to enjoy playing in the sea all day long. It is easy to get seasick if you have heavy breakfast on the day of travel. -Eat in moderation: You should take a light breakfast. On the other hand an empty stomach can also causes to get seasick easily.

Setting equipments

・Without hesitation, please ask the staffs if you are not familiar with the usage of any equipment.
・Each one must check the air tank threshold pressure, and notify the staff if the pressure is less than the value advised by the staff.

Anti-sunburn meacure

・Please be advised about the strong ultraviolet rays in Okinawa. On the other hand, applying too much sun-block lotion can cause mist in the mask.
・Please being sunglasses and outerwear such as rash guards for anti-sunburn measures.

Cautions during diving

・Enjoy yourself underwater, under the vicinity of the guide.
・However, please follow your guide's directions without fail.
・Residual pressure has to be taken care by oneself. Do not forget to report the specified residual pressure at a pre dive briefing.
・In case of emergency under water, please wait at that place for a minute without moving. If you do not see a guide, you should surface up slowly taking into consideration the ship traffic at the point and return to the shipboard.
・Please co-operate in the protection of marine life and avoid touching unknown creatures and corals. -Do not touch rashly because some marine lives are highly toxic.
・After dive, never fail to do safety stop for 3 minutes at  5m depth. And you should surface up with slow speed.

Choosing points

・Please be aware that even though we choose points based on your request, we'll guide you to the best points based on the sea conditions of the day and the participants' level.
*Please contact us in case of any doubts or clarifications to enjoy diving all day long. 
*Enjoy a safe and memorable dive in Okinawa.

Manta watching rules

Do not touch mantas:
Even though mantas would approach men, never touch them.

Do not go after mantas:
If you go after mantas with high speed, they would get away on noticing a human sign. 

Do not get in a hovered colony:
Mantas have a favorite area. If a person stays in that area, mantas will not appear. -The guide will direct you to an area from where you can watch them. 

Get out of mantas' eye:
Mantas have eyes sideways. If a person stays in manta’s visibility, they feel uncomfortable and get away. Keep staying lower than mantas in order to avoid getting into their sight. 

Do not hit bubbles on manta's body:
The majority of mantas do not like to get hit by bubbles coming from the breathing by divers. When mantas come just above you, you should breathe-in air as much as you can, and you should hold your breathe till the mantas cross by. 

Do not make loud noise:
Do not make loud noises such as a diving bell, a dive horn or metallic sound.
It will disturb the other divers. They might misinterpret it as a trouble.  

Broadclub cuttlefish spawning season rule

Do not touch Broadclub cuttlefishes:
Even though you can approach Broadclub cuttlefishes, never touch them because they cannot move quickly, in particular, during the spawning.

Do not go after Broadclub cuttlefishes:
If you chase them, they could leave their spawning places and it could takes a long time for them to get back.

Do not get on the spawning place of corals:
Same as other lives, they could stop spawning if they feel human sign above them; especially during the spawning.

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